I am pretty confident you have heard of Chia seeds already, they may not be the cheapest or easiest to get, however, they work wonders!  I am not the first and certainly not the last one to call these seeds super food due to their wide range of properties and health benefits.
My story is as simple as it may be, I went into an organic store, grabbed a bag of chia seeds and now I add them to most of my meals. However, I have to warn you 2 teaspoons of the seeds are totally enough for one day because the minerals are highly condensed thus it is pretty easy to exceed the daily requirements. 

The content is very impressive, have a look: 

-Omega 3 & 6 ( improve our memory and learning abilities, improve our sight and nervous system, extremely important during pregnancy)
-Proteins (fuel source and building blocks for tissues in our body)
-Calcium (important for proper development of skeleton, nervous system and hormonal secretion) 
-Potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron (essential minerals for our body, regulate nerve transmission, oxygen transport, cellular metabolism and more)
-Vitamin C, A, E (strong antioxidants, anti-tumor)
-Niacin (stabilizes glucose levels in our body, helps in converting carbohydrates into energy, improves blood circulation) 
-Fiber (helps in digestion and lowers bad cholesterol, LDL, level)

  • You can add it to meals such as muesli, porridge etc. In liquid they turn into  jelly-like  substance

  • You may also add it to salads and sauces, chia seeds do not really have a strong taste so they will  not mask the original taste

  • In many cases, it can be used as substitute for eggs. For example in millet cutlets,  Chia seeds are used to hold them together. Two teaspoons of chia seeds covered in water within few minutes change the consistency to one of an egg white

  •  Another great way to consume chia seeds is in form of a pudding, try it out ! 


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