We all are guilty of some bad eating habits, as the saying says "nobody is perfect". Below I mentioned 5 routines I consider the worst in terms of nutrition and health of your body. It is good to at least be aware of them, it may also be helpful when trying to lose weight. Improving even one or two can have a very positive impact on your lifestyle.


I have to be honest, I am very guilty of this one! Recently, I got addicted to a  very tacky series but I just can’t help it… And this results in watching episodes when eating breakfast, lunch, dinner. Why is it that bad? Distractions are not letting your mind to focus on food. You eat fast and more than you would normally do because you don’t realise how much you have just eaten, I know that episode is life changing but try to finish you meal first before hitting that play button.


This one is, I would say, one of the worst habits. Fortunately, I never had a problem with that, I just can’t imagine not getting some food before leaving in the morning but I know many of you are in a rush or just don’t feel hungry. Breakfast usually takes 5-10min to prepare, maybe try waking up a bit earlier? It will really change how you feel throughout the day. If you don’t feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water after waking up. This will start up your metabolism. I know it’s well overheard but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Not only it will prevent you on snacking on unhealthy treats in the gap between morning and lunch but also boost up your mood and regulates your metabolism but also give you energy for the day. This is also the time for fruits and high carb food which should be omit in evening. 


Not much to say on this one. Hunger strike is simply very bad. Why? Well, not eating slows down the metabolism hence burning the additional calories will be harder than it has ever been. It also contributes to the yo-yo effect and often it results in a large overeating when you finish you hunger strike. One more important thing is that when avoiding food for a period of time, your body stars to lack certain nutrients and you get big cravings. Depending on the nutrient you might crave something very sweet or something salty like chips or cheese. 


We all have those bad days when we just want to stay in bed the whole day and eating chocolate ice cream with a load of whipped cream. It would be ideal to stay away from them but I don’t think it is possible. My thought is, if you are having a bad day go outside, go for a walk or sit in the park. Eating crappy food will not help. Might even make you feel worse, blotted and slouchy. If you really can’t resist over emotional eating at least try something that can actually help, for example, dark chocolate it promotes the release of endorphin – happiness hormones. 


Last but not least, eating out of boredom. It is really as simple as it sounds. Your bored, you have nothing else to do but snack on some chips or other treats. Or you simply love to cook and do it whenever you have some free time just like I do and then someone needs to eat that food, right? It is no surprise that eating even though you are not hungry can make you put on weight or consume things you normally wouldn’t. 

Comment below what you think is the worst habit :)

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