I finally managed to go on an trip to the fresh market down in the city of Leeds. I was really tempted to get whole lot of delicious fruits and veggies but I had the image of carrying heavy bags all the way up to my flat stuck in my head. This definitely stopped me from going crazy shopping.
 Maybe for the better, as I completely forgot how quickly fresh and not loaded with chemicals fruits go bad. Since being at uni I usually shopped in the supermarkets, it's close, it's cheap - it's convenient. I got used to the fact that my bananas can sit in the cupboard for days and don't even go brown, that wasn't the case this time. Having said that, you can probably guess I found myself stuck with  more than a few bananas that were literally on a verge of being inedible. I really had to figure out a way to use them up, I mean seriously how many bananas can you eat in a row....  

Like everything I try to stop from going bad, I threw them into the freezer. Can be used for smoothie or something, I though. And then I remembered I had an open can of coconut milk in the fridge. Why not to combine it. Trust me I think it was one of the best decisions I made for the fast few weeks. Yes, uni is not really doing good for my decision making, loads of silly ideas and spontaneous nights out were you just don't care and waste your money on late night takeaways. I got a little bit carried away with all the writing, so anyways my point is; if you don't want to throw out your fruit, freeze it! This recipe is literally the simplest thing ever but how tasty....
I recommend using a decent quality blender, smashing those bananas can be time consuming.


  • 2 Bananas
  • half a can of coconut milk
  • Topping of your choice I used coconut shreds, Chia seeds and walnuts, bit of honey or agave syrup on top would do good though!

1. Place pieces of bananas into a plastic bag and freeze it for a few hours, ideally over night.
2. After sometime when the bananas are frozen put them into a blender and pour coconut milk over.
3. Blend until smooth, while blending use the "pulse" option and if not available take breaks every few seconds as the blender heats up when working and can melt down the ice cream.


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